Network Society Defense

A humorous fictional tale Rumors had been circulating twitter for months and videos were now surfacing on YouTube. I believed it to be a ruse until I had my own experience with them. Last month in the grocery store I saw one in isle 10 looking at pasta. He held a torn paper in his … Continue reading Network Society Defense

Deserts & Fountains: Thoughts on Thriving

The late Princess Diana told us, in a BBC interview, that in life you have to choose to either sink or to swim. She was talking about survival. In my own life I have struggled through infertility, depression, panic attacks, and adoptive parenting issues. And I would like to believe I have chosen (still choosing … Continue reading Deserts & Fountains: Thoughts on Thriving

A Heart-Shaped Leaf: notes from an adoptive mother

Last week my 18-year-old son came into the kitchen while I was fixing dinner. He held a closed hand in front of me. “Open your hand mom.” I looked up at his smirk. “No”, I said. “I don’t trust you.” He pushed his hand closer to me. “Come on mom, just hold your hand out.” … Continue reading A Heart-Shaped Leaf: notes from an adoptive mother

The Great Misadventure of Summer 1985

The following is a relaying of events, which took place when I was 15. It is a completely one-sided tale and it is altogether possible that some details have become “stretched” with time; except for what happened in Plymouth, the day the photo was taken— It was 1985 the year Coke changed their formula and … Continue reading The Great Misadventure of Summer 1985

Book Tour Reflections

I recently returned from a book tour in northeastern Pennsylvania where my novel, The Common Hours, takes place. My arrival in Pennsylvania was timed with peak fall foliage, something which I had not seen since leaving the state in 2001. It was not only a visit to my past, it was a revisiting of the sights, sounds, … Continue reading Book Tour Reflections

The story behind the novel, “The Common Hours”

I am often asked who “The Common Hours” is about and how much of it is my life. The story which unfolds in this novel is a story which has been forming in my mind for many years. It was shaped by observations and experiences in my life but was not written to represent anyone … Continue reading The story behind the novel, “The Common Hours”