A Mother’s Love

He came broken. I thought I could heal him.   He had walls. I thought I could climb them.   He had no hope. I thought I could fill him.   I broke from trying.   Then I loved him.   He was still broken. He still had walls. He was still hopeless.   Then … Continue reading A Mother’s Love


Joy, and living life beautifully.

At some point on my life journey I forgot about joy. A couple of years ago I battled severe depression and thoughts of suicide. When I finally came out of that dark time I was changed. I’m seeing the world with new eyes. I realize how much angst I had been holding onto in life. … Continue reading Joy, and living life beautifully.

Book Tour Reflections

I recently returned from a book tour in northeastern Pennsylvania where my novel, The Common Hours, takes place. My arrival in Pennsylvania was timed with peak fall foliage, something which I had not seen since leaving the state in 2001. It was not only a visit to my past, it was a revisiting of the sights, sounds, … Continue reading Book Tour Reflections

The story behind the novel, “The Common Hours”

I am often asked who “The Common Hours” is about and how much of it is my life. The story which unfolds in this novel is a story which has been forming in my mind for many years. It was shaped by observations and experiences in my life but was not written to represent anyone … Continue reading The story behind the novel, “The Common Hours”

“Broken Shoes”-a lesson in gratefulness

In 1980 I thought my blue Traxx shoes from Kmart were the coolest shoes I had ever worn. They looked somewhat similar to the popular Nike shoe with the big check mark on the side. Every year my parents bought me two pair of shoes for school; one pair of dress shoes for the classroom and one … Continue reading “Broken Shoes”-a lesson in gratefulness

Finding Serenity in a Chaotic World

Recently I was able to visit McWay Falls in California, a rare "tidefall" which is only visible from a footpath at the edge of California Highway 1. This waterfall tumbles from steep cliffs onto a small beach washed by aqua-blue water. I couldn't help thinking as I looked at it, how wonderful it would be to … Continue reading Finding Serenity in a Chaotic World

10 Ways I chose Joy when I was really depressed.

(unprofessional advice from a human who doesn't have it all together) Depression is something I have battled off and on my whole life. The years of 2013 and 2014 were unlike any other depression I have experienced so far, and now I refer to it as my Great Depression. I went to bed many evenings … Continue reading 10 Ways I chose Joy when I was really depressed.