Deserts & Fountains: Thoughts on Thriving

The late Princess Diana told us, in a BBC interview, that in life you have to choose to either sink or to swim. She was talking about survival. In my own life I have struggled through infertility, depression, panic attacks, and adoptive parenting issues. And I would like to believe I have chosen (still choosing … Continue reading Deserts & Fountains: Thoughts on Thriving

Queen for a Day

A fictional tale to celebrate mothers in the thick of raising a family. The idea of Queen for a Day began with a text. I was leaning against an office cubicle browsing through emails on my phone when a message popped onto the screen, “I am now a member of the suspended kids club too” … Continue reading Queen for a Day

A Heart-Shaped Leaf: notes from an adoptive mother

Last week my 18-year-old son came into the kitchen while I was fixing dinner. He held a closed hand in front of me. “Open your hand mom.” I looked up at his smirk. “No”, I said. “I don’t trust you.” He pushed his hand closer to me. “Come on mom, just hold your hand out.” … Continue reading A Heart-Shaped Leaf: notes from an adoptive mother

The Great Misadventure of Summer 1985

The following is a relaying of events, which took place when I was 15. It is a completely one-sided tale and it is altogether possible that some details have become “stretched” with time; except for what happened in Plymouth, the day the photo was taken— It was 1985 the year Coke changed their formula and … Continue reading The Great Misadventure of Summer 1985

Book Tour Reflections

I recently returned from a book tour in northeastern Pennsylvania where my novel, The Common Hours, takes place. My arrival in Pennsylvania was timed with peak fall foliage, something which I had not seen since leaving the state in 2001. It was not only a visit to my past, it was a revisiting of the sights, sounds, … Continue reading Book Tour Reflections

The story behind the novel, “The Common Hours”

I am often asked who “The Common Hours” is about and how much of it is my life. The story which unfolds in this novel is a story which has been forming in my mind for many years. It was shaped by observations and experiences in my life but was not written to represent anyone … Continue reading The story behind the novel, “The Common Hours”

“Broken Shoes”-a lesson in gratefulness

In 1980 I thought my blue Traxx shoes from Kmart were the coolest shoes I had ever worn. They looked somewhat similar to the popular Nike shoe with the big check mark on the side. Every year my parents bought me two pair of shoes for school; one pair of dress shoes for the classroom and one … Continue reading “Broken Shoes”-a lesson in gratefulness