The Novel

The Common Hours Buy Now on Amazon! Promo Video Also available at The Cafe at Scottsdale Bible-7601 E. Shea Blvd. Scottsdale, AZ 85260 In Williamsport, Pennsylvania, 1888, the lumber industry is turning ordinary citizens into millionaires. Mary and her daughter Sarah, live a privileged life on millionaire row in their victorian home. When Mary is … Continue reading The Novel


Scented Threads

Two months ago I lost my best friend to cancer, and one week ago my youngest daughter tragically lost her birth mother. Death reminds me how vincible we are and every loss brings about it’s own kind of reflection and grief. Shortly after the death of my best friend, her widower gave me an armful … Continue reading Scented Threads

A Heart-Shaped Leaf: notes from an adoptive mother

Last week my 18-year-old son came into the kitchen while I was fixing dinner. He held a closed hand in front of me. “Open your hand mom.” I looked up at his smirk. “No”, I said. “I don’t trust you.” He pushed his hand closer to me. “Come on mom, just hold your hand out.” … Continue reading A Heart-Shaped Leaf: notes from an adoptive mother

The Great Misadventure of Summer 1985

The following is a relaying of events, which took place when I was 15. It is a completely one-sided tale and it is altogether possible that some details have become “stretched” with time; except for what happened in Plymouth, the day the photo was taken— It was 1985 the year Coke changed their formula and … Continue reading The Great Misadventure of Summer 1985